Friday, March 6, 2009

Events: Ronnie Shellist and Gerry Hundt Workshop

On April 11th from 1pm-3pm, Gerry Hundt, from Nick Moss and The Fliptops, and Ronnie Shellist will be putting on a workshop for guitarists, harmonica players, and any lead player who would like to get insight as to how to most effectively play blues with other musicians.    
Once again, it is being held at the Boulder Outlook in the large conference room near the bar.  The cost of this event will be $20.  
Blue Ensemble Workshop
One of the most important aspects of playing blues is accompanying your fellow musicians in a way that both supports and adds to the music.  In this workshop, the architecture of Chicago blues (the mother of rock 'n' roll and numerous strains of roots music) will be broken down and presented interactively.  We'll take an in-depth look at some of the blues' most effective sidemen: Eddie Taylor, Robert Lockwood, Jimmy Rogers, Big Walter, and Little Walter.  
Guitar players, you'll learn how to creatively keep rhythm behind other guitars and harmonica, propelling the soloist or vocalist before and after your turn to shine.  Harmonica players will learn how to effectively play "underneath" and around the vocalist, as well as comping patterns.  We will also discuss how to most effectively add to the music without getting in the way.  These ideas can applied to any style of roots music.  There will be plenty of jamming, so - most importantly - come prepared to have some fun!       
Ronnie Shellist, Denver blues harmonica player and teacher and Gerry Hundt of Chicago IL will be putting on this one time workshop.  Gerry is a two time blues music award nominee for instrumentalist of the year and three time nominee for band of the year (Nick Moss and the Fliptops).  He plays guitar, bass, harmonica, keys and drums as well.
Ronnie has been teaching harmonica to players around the world and has plenty of experience as a full time musician here in Denver,CO.  

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