Friday, March 30, 2012

From Ronnie Shellist:

Hello everyone. So, here is some more info. on what you can expect out of our time together at the Dallas. First, just as a reminder, here is the website with more details on the event, and also where you will need to sign up: There you'll find the date, location, time, etc. I really enjoy group settings and thrive on the exchange of ideas and dynamics that happen in a group. The most important part of the workshop is that everyone who attends gets something from it that they wanted.

Because this group will likely have varying levels of experience, I usually begin by taking a pulse on the class to see where the average of the group is. This will ensure that the topics are not way over everyone or way below for that matter.

Some of the things you can expect to get out of this workshop will be:

Learning some new blues licks (we'll do some call and response and break down some interesting riffs), discussion of techniques that are of concern or interest to the group (bending, tone, tongue blocking, octaves, vibrato etc). that portion of the workshop will be cater to specific questions that the group suggests. Lastly, I will have Holland K Smith, killer blues guitarist, with us that day. You will have plenty of time to jam with him, so that each of you can receive specific feedback from me in the moment. This portion of the workshop will prove to be extremely beneficial! Ultimately, the time is yours and we can modify the workshop to fit the needs and interests of the group as a whole. I look forward to meeting some of you in Dallas soon.

Here is my agenda while in Dallas...of most importance is the May 19th workshop and show at Pearl on Commerce. I listed the website where local harp players can read about and register for the harmonica workshop. Thanks for putting this out there! All of the shows below are going to feature me playing with the Holland K Smith Band.

May 17th: Key's Lounge 9:30pm

May 18th: Stumpys Blues Bar 9:30pm

May 19th: 12pm- 4pm Harmonica Workshop at Pearl on Commerce (sign up at followed by gig at Pearl at 9:30pm

May 20th: The Point 2pm, Keys Lounge 9:30pm

May 22nd The Goat 10pm