Friday, February 25, 2011

From Cheryl Arena

Ok this is only gig this week AND my only full band gig until APRIL...boy it was hard to write that...ok I'm going to stay positive and hope that some new clubs open up and people come out and support live music so that it stays A-LIVE. So I hope hope hope that ya'll come out to TUCKER'S BLUES (one of, if not the only still standing Blues clubs in Dallas). No pressure though..LOL.

Truly though I can guarantee you'll have a great time..I'm expecting a packed house..thanks to my friends Kathy and Jerry Warwick and all the dancers they're bringing down to support me and this cool those guys! And I've been promoting it now for a month..telling people, posting on facebook..doing all I can to try and get people out...SO...see ya this SATURDAY NITE FEBRUARY 26th at TUCKER'S BLUES 2617 COMMERCE STREET in DALLAS..(near the corner of Good Latimer) and (across the street from Adair's and behind The Twisted Root burger joint (which has excellent burgers by the way and you can bring food into the club since they don't serve food there..just LIVE MUSIC and cool drinks...

see ya Sat... :)

Peace & Love,


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